La Isla de los Amores

The goddess’ daughters
call me in my dreams

With their silk voices
name my deepest wishes
the courage to leave
the strenght to return

with the promise
of Eternal love

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Handmade and timeless

Calíope Jewels is a project about visual poetry, objects with a story and the beauty of a raw ornament. Unique handmade jewellery of mediterranean inspiration using resin. Our pieces encapsulate elements of nature, always keeping its splendor in mind, making sure not to hide it.

Muses x Calíope Jewels

Our brand finds inspiration in strong, creative and sensitive women. That's why we love to give our muses a voice in special collaborations (and collections) where words, inner worlds and art come together.

Poem. Object. Ornament.

Calíope is a whispered poem. An object of natural beauty. A raw ornament.

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