Muse, interrupted

A special capsule collection in collaboration with poet, model and performer Alejandra Smits.
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‘Muse, muse, muse… Muse. Yeah, I am one.
I am the Muse of Poetry and Eloquence.
I know words and they know me.
We love each other.
It is somehow a symbiotic relationship where balance is key.

I sculpt words in the image and likeness of
the things that inspire me (me)’

Words by Alejandra Smits

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Calíope Jewels presents a new capsule collection in a special collaboration with poet, model and performer Alejandra Smits. Inspired by the Olympus flowers, such as the rose and the orchid, this collection aims to crystallize the beauty and natural shape of these flowers for posterity. 

On occasion of the launch of this collection, Calíope Jewels presents the fashion film ‘Muse, interrupted’, directed by Ariana Oña and written and starred by Alejandra herself. 

This piece entails her own vision about Calliope and a reflection about the meaning of having the gift of the word (for the good and for the bad). The narrative is staged in different places associated with this muse: The Sky (where she comes from), The Forest (where she emphasizes her femininity) and The Word (where she is herself).


Poem. Object. Ornament.

Calíope is a whispered poem. An object of natural beauty.
A raw ornament.

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