Fleeting Nature

We present our last collaboration, Fleeting Nature


Calíope is a project in search of poetry in nature and the everyday. That ephemeral beauty that at the same time captures the eye and is housed in the memory. Our resin jewelry encapsulates elements of nature at its best. They are an instant captured, saved forever.

From this concern arises Fleeting Nature, an art film in collaboration with the choreographer and dancer Ester, with whom we really wanted to work.

Photography by Pep Pérez Guarro

To the question, What if we could capture a moment in its most beautiful moment, and keep it that way forever? Ester replied with a slowing down choreography, from the energetic and fast to the slow and static. This rhythmic concept perfectly expresses the raison d'être Calíope, immediately connecting us with our own “obsession” to freeze instants of the beauty of the natural world. This piece is also a dialogue between Ester, the landscape and the sculpture by Bego Escudero. The last one, made with '' capture '' tools (fishing objects), is built on the idea of ​​having an element in motion that in turn is captured by a larger element.


Photography by Pep Pérez Guarro

The soundtrack was left by the singer and composer Ariana Abecasis, who created a beautiful piece exclusively for the film. The text was already worked on by the copywriter and art director Francisca Torres, who was inspired by a very short format of Japanese poetry - the Haiku - and seeks to be faithful to its norms, from focusing on the theme of Nature and the everyday and of, in just three verses, capture a moment and create a powerful image in the mind of the reader.

Photography by Pep Pérez Guarro

Director Ariana Oña ends up shaping our universe with her sensitive gaze, which connects and gives meaning to everything that makes this one of Calíope's most special projects. 

Natalia Ruiz directed a styling consisting of an asymmetric suit made to measure in a local workshop in Barcelona, ​​with a strap made with pressed natural daisies and combined with our floral rings and our Bougainvillea earrings.